This Trader Profits Millions While Alerting His Members

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What if you could have Warren Buffett text you the Stocks he was buying at the exact time he was buying it? Just imagine, hearing your phone ring, you look down and see a text from Warren Buffett “ALERT $EKSO LONG target $8 with a stop at $6.3″

Well hate to break it to you, Warren Buffett doesn’t do this. I have GOOD NEWS though we actually found someone who does do this. I am not kidding, check this out (click here) .

I have three questions for you:

  1. Do you WANT to get SMS Stock Alerts from a Multi Millionaire Trader with over 2 decades of experience?
  2. Do you WANT to learn to avoid the mistakes thousands of traders make? (this Trader has owned multiple brokerages, he has oversaw thousands of accounts and knows the statistics that traders fail) bottom line is,  he knows how to COACH.
  3. Do you WANT to get Potential Buy Points and Stop Points delivered directly to your from a PRO ?


Guy Gentile, is the founder of SpeedTrader, he is also the founder and currently runs and coaches many retail traders at Day Trader Pro. Gentile, who has made over $1,000,000 in one day live in front of his clients at Day Trader Pro, now he offers exclusive access to his “Alerts”.


Gentile made over $400,000 in one month while giving his SMS Alert clients his Stock picks!

He runs his Alerts on a 4 step basis:

Step 1 : He identifies why there is Volume

Step 2: He identifies the Catalyst

Step 3: He Researches Company News

Step 4: BOOOOM (ringtone) He Delivers the Stock Alert straight to your phone


Gentile, profited nearly $4,000,000 yes, $4 MILLION on Beyond Meat back around 2019.  He was actually featured in a Benziga Article , by Wayne Duggan. I was able to catch up with one of Day Trader Pro’s members where he watched Gentile make over $1,000,000 in a few minutes.

“Honestly, I watched Guy Trade for a while, and when he profited 1 million dollars in a few minutes, I was in awe and he was emotional. Not to mention I was able to make money on the trade as he called it live before he took it.”

A few Mondays back, Gentile started to really gain public attention with his new launch of his SMS Alerts. He was featured on Bloomberg and Cheddar and has recently done many interviews as everyone wants to know:


As you can see on the picture to our left (desktop version) Gentile, once AGAIN profited $90,000 + on a Monday. Not only that, he delivered his Live Stock Alerts to his SMS Clients so they were able to see what he was trading. Some Traders actually were able to trade the same names he did based off his alerts!

If you are interested in getting Guy Gentiles Stock picks he offers them starting at only $7 with a money back guaranteed! To get his picks you can visit his site by CLICKING HERE

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I am a Market Practitioner with many years of experience on Wall Street. All articles are for Entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice

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